James Sullivan



"The accumulation of straw cemented with plaster in Sullivan's sculpture constitutes a strongly worked, rich textural surface. The appeal of its palpable physicality is at once proximally tactile and distally visual. The seeming density of the mass is composed of a flickering of linear elements constellated into volume. There is a profound sense that any volumetric form, however abstract, references the figure insofar as volume entails a distinction of exteriority and interiority. Sullivan's works evoke more than the figure as abstract notion or conventional motif - they elicit the concrete lived experience of the body."

David Newman, 2000


Conduit Gallery Exhibitions

Selected Exhibitions

  • Michael Martin Galleries, San Fancisco, CA
  • The Meadows Museum, Southern
  • Methodist University, Dallas, TX
  • Museum Moderner Kunst, Stiftung
  • Worlen, Passau, Germany
  • Art Museum of South Texas, Corpus Christi, TX
  • Amerika Haus, Berlin
  • Galerie Muhlenbusch, Dusseldorf
  • Raw Space/ARC Gallery, Chicago, IL
  • Stadt Museum, Erlangen, Germany
  • Lowell Collins Gallery, Houston, TX
  • Laguna Gloria Art Museum, Austin, TX