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Margaret Meehan at The Old Jail Art Center

May 30, 2016

Bye Bye Blue opens to the public, Saturday, June 4th and runs through September 4, 2016. Meehan’s exhibition at the OJAC, Bye Bye Blue, is based on multiple versions of an erased and reinvented past of the historical figure, Olive Oatman, as well as her infamous blue tattoo. In 1851, Oatman was captured, traded, and enslaved for five years by Native American tribes before returning to white society. The exhibition runs concurrent with Civil War drawings from the Becker Collection from Boston College giving historical context to the work.

Lance Letscher at the Tyler Museum of Art

May 23, 2016

Lance Letscher will be included in the exhibition, Pieced Together: Collages by Lance Letscher, Mark Lewis & Mart McCleary. The exhibition opens June 5 and runs through September 18.

Gabriel Dawe at the Museum of South Texas

May 19, 2016

Gabriel Dawe is included in the Target Texas: The Meaning of Mixed at the Museum of South Texas Corpus Christi, TX. The exhibition takes a broad look at Texas artists using mixed media as a primary mode of expression. On view May 12 - August 21, 2016.

Anthony Sonnenberg as ArtNY Highlight on Blouin ARTINFO

Blouin ARTINFO   |   May 19, 2016

Anthony Sonnenberg's installation of ceramic works makes the ARTINFO list of top works at ARTNY 2016.

Conduit Gallery/Lauren Woods & Ludwig Schwarz on Berlin Art Link

Berlin Art Link   |   Apr 25, 2016   |   by Lee Escobedo

Top 8 Booths at the Dallas Art Fair includes Conduit Gallery with work by lauren woods and Ludwig Schwarz

Conduit Gallery/Kirk Hayes in New American Paintings

New American Paintings   |   Apr 25, 2016   |   by Art Pena

Art Pena picks the top paintings at the 2016 Dallas Art Fair

Liss LaFleur in Hyperallergic

Hyperallergic   |   Jan 28, 2016   |   by Erin Joyce

"LaFleur’s work is at once in your face and delicate, choosing a mode of seduction that uses pastiche to lure the viewer in with a hint of familiarity — then jolting them into a world that questions the status quo. “Feminism is part of a larger consciousness of oppression along with racism, ageism, classism, ableism, and sexual orientation,” LaFleur said. “If the fourth wave of feminism is a digital one, feminist art can only be understood within the intersections of suppression and in the context of the marginalization of other groups and genders.”

Gabriel Dawe on VICE.COM

Vice   |   Jan 20, 2016   |   by Gabrielle Bruney

"Miles of Thread and a Giant Needle Weave Indoor Rainbows"

Gabriel Dawe interviewed in Washington Post

The Washington Post   |   Jan 19, 2016   |   by Maura Judkis

"Every day, [Renwick Gallery curator Nicolas] Bell scrolls through the more than 20,000 Instagram images with the hashtag ­#RenwickGallery, bewildered and grateful. He has never seen anything like it.

“We’re all flabbergasted, to be frank,” says Bell, who keeps screen shots of his favorite Instagram posts. He flips through a few: a girl in front of [Gabriel Dawe's] “Plexus A1,” eyes wide with amazement. 

Annette Lawrence in the Denton Record Chronicle

The Denton Record Chronicle   |   Jan 18, 2016   |   by Lucinda Breeding

Features article profiles a survey of Lawrence's work dating from 1990-1995 currently on view at the UNT on the Square art space in Denton, Texas.