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Conduit Gallery/Lauren Woods & Ludwig Schwarz on Berlin Art Link

Berlin Art Link   |   Apr 25, 2016   |   by Lee Escobedo

Top 8 Booths at the Dallas Art Fair includes Conduit Gallery with work by lauren woods and Ludwig Schwarz

Conduit Gallery/Kirk Hayes in New American Paintings

New American Paintings   |   Apr 25, 2016   |   by Art Pena

Art Pena picks the top paintings at the 2016 Dallas Art Fair

Liss LaFleur in Hyperallergic

Hyperallergic   |   Jan 28, 2016   |   by Erin Joyce

"LaFleur’s work is at once in your face and delicate, choosing a mode of seduction that uses pastiche to lure the viewer in with a hint of familiarity — then jolting them into a world that questions the status quo. “Feminism is part of a larger consciousness of oppression along with racism, ageism, classism, ableism, and sexual orientation,” LaFleur said. “If the fourth wave of feminism is a digital one, feminist art can only be understood within the intersections of suppression and in the context of the marginalization of other groups and genders.”

Gabriel Dawe on VICE.COM

Vice   |   Jan 20, 2016   |   by Gabrielle Bruney

"Miles of Thread and a Giant Needle Weave Indoor Rainbows"

Gabriel Dawe interviewed in Washington Post

The Washington Post   |   Jan 19, 2016   |   by Maura Judkis

"Every day, [Renwick Gallery curator Nicolas] Bell scrolls through the more than 20,000 Instagram images with the hashtag ­#RenwickGallery, bewildered and grateful. He has never seen anything like it.

“We’re all flabbergasted, to be frank,” says Bell, who keeps screen shots of his favorite Instagram posts. He flips through a few: a girl in front of [Gabriel Dawe's] “Plexus A1,” eyes wide with amazement. 

Annette Lawrence in the Denton Record Chronicle

The Denton Record Chronicle   |   Jan 18, 2016   |   by Lucinda Breeding

Features article profiles a survey of Lawrence's work dating from 1990-1995 currently on view at the UNT on the Square art space in Denton, Texas.

Annette Lawrence Profiled in Arts + Culture Magazine

Arts + Culture   |   Jan 14, 2016   |   by Giovanni Valderas

Lily Hanson's The Once Over Twice reviewed on Glasstire

Glasstire   |   Dec 8, 2015   |   by Suzanne Weaver

"But in her current and fourth show at Conduit Gallery, Hanson has brought restraint and a waste-not-want-not approach to her gestures. Tension is quieted. In turn, there is a kind poetry that is generous, expansive, and felt."

Lily Hanson's 'The Once Over Twice' reviewed in the Dallas Observer

Dallas Observer   |   Oct 27, 2015   |   by Jeremy Hallock

Stephen Lapthisophon 'Toccare (Non) Toccare' Project at Nasher Sculpture Center

Oct 23, 2015

Nasher Sculpture Center announces a presentation of work by Dallas-based artist Stephen Lapthisophon called Toccare (Non) Toccare, a project which will act in conversation with the current exhibition Giuseppe Penone: Being the River, Repeating the Forest. Taking place in and around the Nasher Sculpture Center via four installments­ beginning in October 2015 and lasting through January 2016, Toccare (Non) Toccare will include sculpture, found objects, drawing, poetry, sound, photography and video.