Jeff Gibbons



With attenuated gestures and tenacious device, Jeff Gibbons presents works that mirror the intellectual forces that drive his studio practice. Earthen materials such as clay and found objects are divorced of their practical usage and become part of a resonant feedback loop as Gibbons reaches into a spiritual world he himself acknowledges may not exist. Getting to, and encountering the possible fissures of existence become paramount and with that, each work, whether it be sculpture, painting or video is the precise moment of an existential teeter-totter.


Everything can feel like an act, looking back on the different people I’ve been. 

Maybe it’s all just a love note, like your post: 

“I didn’t end up marrying the bastard, and that has made all the difference.” 

Everything is imprinted with something, and/or the loss of something else. 

I don’t seem to choose what I love. 

Do you still dream about having a farm? 

I think a lot of people do, nowadays. 


Jeff Gibbons earned a BFA from the University of Tampa, Florida (2010) and an MFA from the University of Texas Arlington (2013) where he studied Intermedia. In 2016, Gibbons was the recipient of a grant from the City of Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs; created the voicemail driven interactive project, 'There are no stray hairs in old movies', the inaugural show for '1-800-789-2228'; collaborated with Gregory Ruppe on the set for 'Masque of Red Death', a ballet performed at the Magestic Theater (Dallas, TX) by the Dallas Neo-Classical Ballet and composed by Jordan Kuspa; and co-created The Culture Hole, with Greg Ruppe. In 2015, Gibbons was an artist in residence at the Goss Michael Foundation (Dallas, TX) and presented a solo exhibition Auto Relativity Kinetotron. Gibbons, along with frequent collaborator Justin Ginsberg were among the recipients of the 2015 Master Mind Awards by the Dallas Observer.

Conduit Gallery Exhibitions

2017 The Power Station, Dallas, TX

2017 Museo de la Cuidad de Querétaro, Querétaro, Mexico

2017 Ceramica Sura, Guadalajara, Mexico (Artist in Residence)

2015 The Epitome Institute, San Antonio, TX

2015 Hiroshima Art Center, Hiroshima, Japan

2015 galleryHOMELAND, Houston, TX, in collaboration with Greg Ruppe

2015 Reunion, Zurich, Switzerland

2015 Goss Michael Foundation, Dallas, TX

2014 Dallas Biennial, Dallas, TX

2013 Oliver Francis Gallery, Dallas, TX

2013 Berlin Becher Triennial, Berlin, Germany