Lance Letscher



Bits of old letters and books, often in different languages, are pieced together with pictures and through Letscher's meticulous attention to color and value form Escher-like, three dimensional illusions. The use of text affords Letscher's work a poetic aspect, and allows a juxtaposition of the strict, meticulous of quilt like collages, and the myriad of languages and handwriting, each offering a fleeting, random glimpse into a deference life or circumstance but which are tied into a circumstance but which are tied into a comprehensive whole.

In March of 2009, The University of Texas Austin published Lance Letscher: Collage, the first full-length monograph on this important artist. It presents a catalog of 118 works dating from 2001 to 2008. The book includes an introduction by art critic, Charles Dee Mitchell and essay by Brooke Davis Anderson, Director of the Museum at Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.

In 2017, the documentary film, The Secret Life of Lance Letscher debuted at the SXSW Film Festival. The feature length documentary was produced and directed by Austin filmmaker Sandra Adair.

Conduit Gallery Exhibitions

Selected Solo Exhibitions

  • 2022 Conduit Gallery, Dallas, TX (September)
  • 2018 Conduit Gallery, Dallas, TX
  • 2017 Vidal/Bertox Galleri, Paris, France
  • 2017 Austin Public Library, Austin, TX
  • 2017 Lubbock Museum of Art, Lubbock, TX
  • 2016 Tyler Museum of Art, Tyler, TX
  • 2014 Galerie Vidal St. Phalle, Paris, France
  • 2013 McNay Art Museum, San Antonio, TX
  • 2013 Conduit Gallery, Dallas, TX
  • 2012 Drawing Now Paris/Le Salon du Dessin Contemporary, Carrousel du Louvre, Galerie Vidal Saint Phalle booth
  • 2011 Galerie Peter Vann, St Moritz, Switzerland
  • 2010 Galeria Miguel Alzueta, Madrid, Spain
  • 2010 Galerie Pascal Polar, Brussels, Belgium
  • 2009 Galerie Vidal St. Phalle, Paris, France
  • 2007 Tammen Galerie, Berlin, Germany
  • 2007 Howard Scott Gallery, New York, NY
  • 2007 Amarillo Museum of Art, Amarillo, TX
  • 2006 Galeria Miguel Alzueta, Barcelona, Spain
  • 2005 Grover Thurston Gallery, Seattle, WA
  • 2005 Stephen Wolf Gallery, San Francisco, CA
  • 2004 Forsterart, London, England
  • 2004 Art Gaspar, Barcelona, Spain
  • 2004 Austin Museum of Art, Austin, TX
  • 2004 Galerie Renate Bender, Munich, Germany