October 15 — November 24, 2007

...and Religion

Raul Vincent Enriquez



Raul Vincent Enriquez's video …and Religion sets the stage at a five-course meal that took place inBrooklyn over six hours. Enriquez unveils how hosts use charm and gestures to moderate the touchy topics of politics, sex and religion. Time and subject simultaneously compressed and expanded. A single iPod imbedded into the wall and headphones acting as speakers construct an ambiguously seductive relationship between the audible and the visual - in sync, but slightly out of reach of each other

Born in Los Angeles, California, Enriquez lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. His background in sound, theater, video and performance art have lead to numerous exhibitions including: Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE), Los Angeles, CA; Scope New York; Queens Museum of Art, Queens, NY; The Art Video Lounge, ART BASEL, Miami Beach; Scope London, London; Cal Arts, Los Angeles; New Museum of Contemporary Art, NYC; Resonant Wave Festival, Berlin and Prix ARS Electronica 2002, Vienna, Austria.

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