April 1 — May 13, 2017


Ellen George



Conduit Gallery is honored to announce an exhibition of Vancouver based artist Ellen George, the fourth for the artist at Conduit Gallery.

Drawing inspiration from light, sound and silence, George’s biomorphic elements are hand formed in polymer. They appear to spring forth from a world all their own, bringing to mind variations in nature and biology. The arrangements are composed of diminutive sculptures placed in variations of pattern and order.

Born on Galveston Island, among Ellen’s earliest memories are visions of tiny aquatic life, teeming in drops of Gulf water, collected and seen under the microscope in her parent’s laboratory. The movement, clustering, translucency, and shift of scale, of these microscopic animals and plants continue to influence and inform her work to this day.

George states, “My work reflects my deep and abiding interest in the botanical world. It is where I turn to for a sense of color, whether deeply saturated or gently fading, and for forms that evoke simple elemental shapes in nature like twigs, petals or stones. My pieces suggest growing things - blossoming, blooming, multiplying - and more quiet events of nature like seeds lying dormant in winter. These are the sort of commonplace events that I think are magical and spark my imagination. I use polymer clay, a low-temperature curing plastic clay, rather than earthen clay or glass because translucency is important to me, as well as being able to form the work by hand. I mix my own colors, and even the most saturated colors are translucent. Close inspection of the sculpture’s surfaces reveals fingerprints.”

Ellen George has traveled in North Africa, has lived in Dublin, Ireland, the Texas Hill Country and in San Francisco’s North Beach, always staying on the course of developing her artwork in new directions. She has made her home in Washington State over 25 years, where she raised her son, and where she continues to live, sustaining a commitment to making art daily.

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