February 18 — March 25, 2023

Body Language

Leonor Ali



Conduit Gallery is honored to announce Body Language, the first solo exhibition at Conduit Gallery of paintings and soft sculptures by Dallas-based artist Leonor Ali.

Dallas-based artist Leonor Ali takes an emotional approach to creating a surreal narrative in her work. Her mixed media paintings and sculptures feature curious characters with unusual stories.

They can be equal turns endearing and disconcerting. The ‘warts and all’ approach of including the less-than-ideal features of the human condition - round bellies or hairy faces, boil-like structures - are a part of accepting those parts of herself and feeling seen as a person , as an artist.

Ali appreciates that the uncertainty created by taking risks is the means to push her creativity forward. She intends her materials and subject matter to cause the viewer to question what they are really looking at and discover the personality with the pieces.

Born in Texas to a nomadic military family, Ali landed in Maryland for her teen and young adult years where she was able to focus on honing her very evident creative skills. She came back to Texas for college, earning her BFA in Painting from the University of Texas at Arlington in 2021. This is her first show with Conduit Gallery.

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