April 13 — May 18, 2024

"compassion", said the rabbit

W. Tucker



W Tucker’s works begin as unplanned creations. Using his non-dominant left hand, he taps into a spectrum of creativity that is less deliberate and structured. Working with a variety of media – ink, resin stick, oil, charcoal, texture paste – on old found or bought objects, Tucker creates a cast of idiosyncratic characters that look askance at the world. States the artist, “Each element in a piece has a reason and a personality. As they are placed, a story evolves. A story that I usually see once the piece is complete. The elements that comprise the work often seem simple and in a certain respect they are. Some characters reoccur simply because I enjoy the process of drawing or painting them. Others reoccur because they bring a simple presence to a more complicated situation or question. The title for this show – “compassion” said the rabbit – stems from two places or ideas. The first is related to the work itself. In the finished pieces, I often see a struggle. A fight of degrees where a character or characters – a person, an animal, a house, a scribble, a cup - attempt to find balance. Most times this tends to reflect some aspect of my own life struggles or those that I observe in the world around me.”

W. Tucker (b. 1959, Goldsboro, NC) earned a B.F.A. in Drama from New York University in 1982. Recent exhibitions include the Outsider Art Fair – with Koelsch Haus (2024-2020); Gallerie Hedenius, Stockholm (2022); Koelsch Haus, Houston, TX (2022, 2018, 2017, 2016); Big Medium, Austin, TX (2022); Dimension Gallery, Austin, TX (2017); Feast Gallery, Fayetteville, AR (2017).

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