October 21 — November 26, 2016


Ludwig Schwarz



Conduit Gallery is honored to present a solo exhibition by Dallas based artist, Ludwig Schwarz. DESKTOP is Schwarz’s third solo exhibition at Conduit Gallery and differentiates itself from his previous two (2014 WALKINCLOSET and 2012 Taos (Taos Thrift Shop) with its purposeful nonchalance. A well-known multi-disciplinary artist, Schwarz frequently injects the absurd and incongruous into the “expectedly universal”; employing video, sculpture, installation and writing, working candidly and fluidly between domestic life, studio practice and inevitably, marketplace.


Notes On Desktop

Stacks of memories, piles of pipe dreams, notes on nothingness, bookmarked bookmarks. Routine shifts are inevitable, some notion of order is in order, often. Medication, batteries, chewing gum, headphones, suntan lotion, hot sauce. A blood pressure machine. Easy access begets new models of nostalgia. Still, thumbs abound in public space and most everything seems to be in a state of indexing, processed, before actual consumption, as if the signifier knows its fate and battles for a position in its own past.

When I was a kid I played in the street. My thumbs were probably underdeveloped by today’s standards. My fingers though are pretty solid. Mediated horrors and manipulative dichotomies abound. My doctor says “drink two glasses of groupthink and call me when you’re mourning.” I have tape, a lamp, and a phone. I can look online for Jason Kidd rookie highlights but doubt I’ll ever find footage of his first spine-tingling practice as a Dallas Maverick.

A desktop can be anywhere. In my mind, it’s really just a pivot point. I remember one time about seven or eight years ago my wife Marjorie and I took the ferry out of Galveston on a particularly beautiful and quite windy day. I remember it well because I took pictures and occasionally run into them on my computer’s desktop. We stood outside our car by the ferry’s railing as seagulls yelled above. Her hair was cropped short and the wind pulled it up in a swirl and she was perfect. The seagulls were amused and I was snapping shots and it seemed all of the thoughts in the world were running through my bones and exiting through my pores. A desktop is where work often gets started, and sometimes even finished. Let the sound of the seagulls find me soon enough.

Ludwig Schwarz completed his MFA at the School of Visual Arts New York and returned to Dallas, where he has continued to exhibit both locally and nationally. Recent exhibitions include; Lump Gallery, Raleigh, NC (2015), Makebish Gallery, New York, NY (2015), Ludwig Schwarz: Retrospective (1990–2014), Dallas Biennial, Oliver Francis Gallery, Dallas, TX; Meet the Schwarzes, NADA NY with James Cope Projects; the 2012 and 2010 Brucennial, NY; Galerie Carolyn Heinz, Hamburg, Germany (2011); Leo Castelli Gallery, NY (2011); Re-Seeing the Contemporary: Selected from the Collection, Dallas Museum of Art (2010); The Rose Art Museum of Brandeis University, Walthum, MA (2008) and Road Agent Gallery, Dallas, TX (2007). In an April 2014 feature about Schwarz, Dallas Morning News art critic Rick Brettell wrote of the artist, “I am surer than ever that Schwarz is a major artist. Indeed, he is quite possibly the most important painter who has lived in our city in the last generation...”

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