June 1 — July 6, 2024

From Now On

Christopher Mir



Conduit Gallery is honored to announce a solo exhibition of paintings by Maine-based artist Christopher Mir. This will be the second exhibition of Mir's work in the Conduit Gallery Project Room.

The overarching idea of the work in Christopher Mir’s show pertains to the collective manifestation of energy, matter, biology, and history that results from the life cycle of stars. Everything in our world - in our bodies and minds - can be traced back to the formation, disillusionment, and rebirth of these celestial miracles. The show’s title “From Now On” refers both to the eternal renewal on the cosmic scale as well as to the ever-growing image stream out of which the work emerges.

Each painting has its particular beginning in a process of selection from a vast archive of curated digital and printed images that Mir has collected over the last thirty years. Mir chooses forms that he feels possess a powerful poetic electricity. Thus, lending the project a tremendous amount of aesthetic and conceptual flexibility. The liminal space that the canvas can provide, one in between waking reality and pictorial representation, is at play here. What is the story that we’re tuning into? Within each painting and taken collectively, Mir is able to convey the power of storytelling to conjure the academic as well as the mystical.

Christopher Mir was born in 1970 in Baltimore, MD. He earned a BA from Marlboro College in Marlboro, VT and an MFA from Boston University in Boston, MA. In 2019 he was featured in the exhibition Suffering from Realness at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art curated by Denise Markinosh. Additional recent solo exhibitions include: David Shelton Gallery, Houston, TX (2019); Giampreto Gallery Project Space, New Haven, CT (2015); TM Projects, Geneva, Switzerland (2013) and Benrimon Contemporary, New York, NY (2013). Major collections include the Yale University Art Gallery, Susan and Michael Hort, Simon Watson, Pamela Auchincloss, Matthew and Iris Strauss, Beth Rudin DeWoody, and Jeff Bezos.

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