November 19 — December 31, 2011

Hatchjaw and Bassett LLP

Tom Russotti




Tom Russotti, creator of THE INSTITUTE FOR AESTHLETICS will debut a new game in the Conduit Gallery Project Room.

In, Hatchjaw and Bassett, players are pitted against each other as barely legal attorneys scrambling to defend or prosecute a range of unsavory characters. Players must argue their way to victory, racking up trial points to see who can be the best fly by night lawyer in town.As posted by the firm of Hatchjaw and Bassett:

"Hatchjaw and Bassett is seeking certified human beings to legally represent their interests at the temporary 3rd Conduit Appeals Court. Legal representatives will square off against one another in three rounds of a trial. At the end of the proceedings, a judgment will be awarded to one legal representative. All legal representatives employed by H and B will be remunerated with a sense of accomplishment and/or feelings of enjoyment, to be granted no more than thirty days after date of service.

Hatchjaw and Bassett provides the highest quality no cost legal representation that could reasonably be expected. Since our founding in 1919, H and B has been able to consistently achieve moderate and unpredictable results for our discerning clientele. Our commitment to transitory practice, operating freely without license and headquarters, has become the standard model for most itinerant informally organized economic bodies. Furthermore, Hatchjaw and Bassett’s resolution to replace needlessly expensive attorneys with the general public has set us apart as an industry leader in black market and generally casual arbitrations.”

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