September 8 — October 13, 2018

I am this big / I am this small

W. Tucker



W Tucker’s works begin as unplanned creations. Using his non-dominant left hand, he taps into a spectrum of creativity that is less deliberate and structured. Working with a variety of media – ink, resin stick, oil, charcoal, texture paste – on old found or bought objects, he creates a cast of idiosyncratic characters that look askance at the world. The title of his show is a rather literal statement about the relative human condition. We are ‘big’ in our own little worlds and ‘small’ in the grand scheme of things. In another respect the show title relates to the works themselves, made on tiny watch parts boxes and at the other end of the spectrum a wall piece made on reclaimed wood from his home.

W. Tucker received his B.F.A. in Drama from New York University in 1982. Exhibitions since 2015 include Koelsch Haus, Houston, TX (2016, 2017, 2018); grayDuck Gallery, Austin, TX (2016, 2018); Dimension Gallery, Austin, TX (2017); Feast Gallery, Fayetteville, AR (2017). This will be the sixth solo exhibition of W. Tucker’s work at Conduit Gallery.

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