April 6 — May 11, 2013

if i knew i would tell you

W. Tucker



Austin based artist W. Tucker’s drawings tell two stories; one is of the materials he works on, found materials such as book covers, slatted wood blinds, drawer fronts and wood and the idiosyncratic cast of characters he draws on these materials. The care and determination of the considered handling of the materials are at a captivating opposition to the fluid and quick line drawings that live on their surface. The end result illustrates an artist that teeters between the world of the calculated and formal studio practice of materiality and the loose and unconscious practice of mark making. In addition to the two-dimensional works in the exhibition, W. Tucker will take pencil to gallery wall to create a site-specific narrative drawing.

A recent transplant toTexasfromLos Angeles, W. Tucker received his B.F.A. fromNew YorkUniversityin 1982. Exhibitions since 2007 include; Koelsch Gallery, Houston, TX, The Fallout Gallery, Las Vegas, NV, Thomas Paul Fine Art, Los Angeles, CA and Silas Marder Gallery, Bridgehampton, NY. This will be the second one-person exhibition of W. Tucker’s work at Conduit Gallery.

Artists in this Exhibition