April 5 — May 10, 2014


Billy Hassell



For Fort Worth based artist Billy Hassell, the exhibition title, Illumination is employed not only as “to cast a light upon” but also a secondary, less common usage, “to embellish or decorate.” What begins as careful observations of birds, insects, plants and flowers become stylized figures on patterned grounds influenced by a wide range of decorative traditions including Mexican folk art, Japanese wood block prints and medieval tapestries. The paintings become compressed tableaus of the natural world.

Born 1956 in Dallas, Billy Hassell received a BFA from the University of Notre Dame, and an MFA from University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Solo museum exhibitions include; the Tyler Museum of Art, Tyler, TX (2014); Mabee-Grrer Museum of Art, Shawnee, OK (2011); The Museum of South Texas,Corpus Christi,TX (2007) and The Longview Museum of Art, Longview, TX (2002.)

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