May 22 — July 3, 2021

Inside the Lines



Conduit Gallery is honored to announce our second solo exhibition of work by Dallas-based artist Cindy Johnston.

What began as an exercise in fine motor development transcended into an art form for 45 year old Cindy Johnston. Cindy, who has Down syndrome, begins her process with geometric doodles drawn by her father, Jim Johnston, then methodically adds color to the intricate black and white designs.

Cindy utilizes a careful eye for color harmony and an innate understanding of hue, value and color relationship to make her work dynamic and varied. Her work has evolved over the years from loose to precise, as she has refined the color vocabulary that defines her art. It is her unique sense of color that brings each pen and ink drawing to life.

Cindy is a native of Dallas, Texas and is a full-time employee at Locke Lord, a Dallas-based law firm. Her other interests include acting in the local Spotlight theater group for special needs adults and teens, and competing in Special Olympics tennis.

Proceeds of Cindy’s work will benefit Spotlight Theater of Highland Park United Methodist Church.

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