February 23 — March 30, 2019


Susie Phillips



Conduit Gallery is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of work by Dallas-based artist, Susie Phillips.

Susie Phillips has been reimagining her work for some time now. In her Lakewood studio, she gestures over swatches of paper, culled from paintings past and repurposed onto newer compositions. She compares this process to quilting, an analogy she has often used to describe her penchant for mulling older works into newer forms. When painting, her process is purely intuitive, as she listens to what colors the piece needs or shies away from. This is an artist in true form, self-assured and steadied by the body of work that has led her to this moment. This is an artist with roots.

Phillips’ newest collection of oil paintings and embroideries are quiet works, many of them pull motifs or shapes from prior sketchbooks. Vessels, flowers, and the occasional figure appear in a variety of bold styles, washed in watercolor and flooded in oil paint. Her still lives can be layered in patterns and Fauvist-levels of color; or they can be abstract musings on domestic settings and pastoral landscapes. Styles weave in and out of expectation with her images as Phillips plays with what she feels is right for each piece. She denies that the work is steeped in one message or thought. ‘When I make work, I make it for the pleasure of doing it. I want the person that looks at it to want that same kind of pleasure’. The message in effect imbues a simple happiness, a kind gift. Phillips’s new work on view at Conduit is an invitation to plumb the depths of an artist’s life work where there are still surprises to be had.

Susie Phillips, born in Evanston, Illinois, is an artist based in Dallas, Texas who works primarily in painting, pastel and collage. For over 30 years, she has exhibited extensively within Dallas. She was an early member of D.W. Gallery, a female-led artist co-op in Dallas in the mid '70s and '80s. She has exhibited across Texas, Kansas, New Mexico, New York, and beyond. Her work is held in such collections as American Airlines, AT&T, the Belo Corporation, and Southern Methodist University.

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