June 29 — August 17, 2013

Kinetic Percussion: Rhythm Machines

Joel Sampson



Joel Sampson engineers elaborate, kinetic sculptures of the highest order. The Kinetic Percussion works on view in the Conduit Gallery Project Room use a micro controller to fire solenoids that play rhythm patterns on found and fabricated objects. Sampson designs, makes and programs the computer, electronics, mechanics and the overall sculptural design for each of the pieces and composes the music the music the machines play. The sculptural design of the machines is influenced by geometric abstraction and industrial art between the wars. The end effect is fun and loud.

At ten-years old, Sampson began developing Kodak Brownie 127 film and making contact prints, got a ham radio license and played music professionally. He went on to earn advanced degrees in photography, technology and music and incorporates all three into his current studio practice. Joel Sampson earned a B.S. at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, ILin 1972, an M.A. from Ohio State University, Columbus, OH in 1974 and a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Dayton, Dayton,OH in 1985. Joel Sampson lives and works in Dallas,Texas.

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