April 13 — May 18, 2024

Liminal Spaces

Carson Monahan



Conduit Gallery is honored to announce a solo exhibition of paintings by Detroit-based artist, Carson Monahan. This will be Monahan’s first exhibition with Conduit Gallery.

Carson Monahan’s latest body of work, “Liminal Spaces”, is a journey through the intersections of emotional turmoil and temporal uncertainty. Through a series of captivating paintings, Monahan explores transitional atmospheres, inviting us to peer through windows into liminal states where the boundaries of existence blur.

In “Liminal Spaces” themes of destruction, paranoia, and chance intertwine with echoes of Greek mythology and poignant grace, creating a rich tapestry of human experience. Through surreal imagery and ephemeral beauty, Monahan constructs a narrative that resonates with nostalgia and transition, beckoning contemplation of the fragility of life.

Within these paintings, individuals are depicted with haunted gazes or seemingly ensnared in surroundings suffused with existential dread. Yet amidst the turmoil, there is a palpable sense of chance- a glimmer of hope amidst the uncertainty, as if serendipity whispers of tantalizing possibilities.

Beyond serving as reminders of human vulnerability, Monahan’s works extend an invitation to find solace in the collective resilience of humanity. In the chaos of liminality, new pathways emerge, and the seeds of possibility take root, offering a beacon of hope amid the tumultuous journey of existence.

Carson Monahan (b.1985, Detroit, MI) is a self-taught painter, is recognized for seamlessly merging classical beauty with contemporary narratives. Raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan, he was immersed in art from an early age, but it was not until his mid- thirties that he considered pursuing it as a career. Though Monahan did receive some formal training during a year of art school, he eventually earned a bachelor’s degree in entrepreneurship. He pursued various paths from fish mongering to fashion design, while catering to an incessant desire to travel and broaden his perspective, and to seek to comprehend the human condition. Alas, his artistic roots kept beckoning, guiding him toward a life committed to create.

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