June 29 — August 17, 2013


Matt Clark



The paintings in Matt Clark’s Marriage body of work bring together seemingly unrelated aspects of the artist’s life and influence a mode of production that is physical, romantic and academically formal. Recent travels to Belize and Bali influence the palette, alchemy influences the mixing of various paint media, decaying billboards, textiles, and everyday surfaces influence texture and surface. The strategy, for Matt Clark, is to create a puzzle to which the viewer pieces together different associations to create a unifying and gratifying visual experience.

Dallas based Matt Clark earned an M.F.A. in Painting from Cranbrook University in Michigan in 2002. He then lived in London, England and Los Angeles, California before relocating to Dallas in 2009. He is a lecturer in drawing and entrepreneurship at the University of Texas at Arlington. This will be the third exhibition of Matt Clark’s paintings at Conduit Gallery.

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