January 7 — February 11, 2016

Matters of Scale

David Canright



Conduit Gallery Project Room is honored to present Matters of Scale, the first exhibition of ink drawings by Dallas based artist David Canright at Conduit Gallery.

The biggest. The tallest. The deepest. The widest.

We grant even the simplest things a sort of reverence or importance when they are the most extreme of their kind. Why?

These simple, playful drawings poke fun at the absurdity, bravado, and arrogance of the modern compulsion to build ever bigger. But at the same time these pictures celebrate the child-like hopefulness and daring that outsized structures represent. Both ridiculous and essential, they are manifestations of our most human qualities. The gleeful drive to see what is possible. To push our creative powers. To see our imaginations and ourselves writ large. Even to the point that our creations so dwarf us, that next to them we disappear.

David Canright is an artist and writer born in Cleveland, Ohio. He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin, where he studied painting under Peter Saul. Canright spent his early career in New York City, exhibiting at the Clementine Gallery, the Drawing Center, Yale University Gallery, and White Columns among other venues. Although known primarily for large-scale and figurative oil paintings, his more recent projects have been works on paper in ink, pastel, and watercolor. He currently lives and works in Dallas, Texas.

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