July 5 — August 19, 2017

Mi Cuerpo Está Aquí / Mi Cuerpo non Está Aquí

James Sullivan



Mi Cuerpo Non Està Aquí (My Body Isn’t Here) /
La gente desaparece a cada rato….
(People disappear all the time….)

James Sullivan and Hellen Ascoli

This installation comprises a re-imagining of the structures and questions of the artists’ collaborative installation Mi Cuerpo No Está Aquí / My Body Isn’t Here sited at Concepción 41 in La Antigua, Guatemala since December 2016. The installation, involving two architectural structures for the body—one adobe and one in steel and scrim fabric—was based in an examination of a simple passage between cloister and church in a 17th century monastery (Capuchinas) in Antigua, Guatemala as a “site” for the performance of the practices of boundary, regulation, removal, and passage in (female) cloistered life, as well as questions of loss, memory, and removal that haunts contemporary life in Central America. The architectural structure also supported video and sound work based in performances by Ascoli and Sullivan in the circular basement of the monastery.

Here, the central structure (People disappear all the time…) is a virtual re-construction of the boundary, passage, and confessional that separated the cloister of Capuchinas from the church and the sacristy, and parallels the structure of the C-41 installation by the same name. It establishes fixed but visually elusive relationships between body and space as individuals inhabit and traverse its passages.

The physical objects that inhabit the space are based in everyday bodily objects found in Guatemala: the cylindrical soaps used by workers to wash their hands, idle benches in the market at Quetzaltenango, an ambiguous step from Santiago, Atitlán.

This installation is paralleled by a simultaneous opening by Hellen Ascoli at Proyectos Ultravioleta, Guatemala: Amanecí temprano para pienar al mundo.

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