August 26 — October 7, 2023


Rosalyn Bodycomb



Conduit Gallery is pleased to present Pixilated, a solo exhibition of work by California-based painter, Rosalyn Bodycomb.

The experience of viewing a Rosalyn Bodycomb painting includes a sense of timelessness and quietude. Over the course of her thirty plus year highly lauded career (Bodycomb is the recipient of all three major painting awards, The Pollack-Krasner Grant, The Joan Mitchell Award and the Gugenheim Foundation Fellowship,) she has depicted through her paintings, busy Greek shipping ports, the D.C. Subway Station, and New Orleans Mardi Gras, all with the same seductive atmospheric finesse, as with a memory, there and not there, simultaneously.

Her most recent works are made up of two groups of paintings, larger landscape paintings that depict New Mexico roadsides and a smaller suite of paintings of raindrops on the passenger side window of a moving car. The larger works in the exhibition are about motion and time. The broad dashes of color at the edges of the paintings represent pixelation and placed at the edge of the composition, occur in the space of what would be the near future. As a play on the etymology of the word, Bodycomb evoked the c. 1848 definition of “pixilated”, used to describe a person who appeared to be tipsy, addled, or perhaps led by pixies. As Bodycomb notes, “both spellings [pixiliated and pixelated] create a dynamic of expectation. Being led by pixies may be a better way to think of time. In fact, it could explain how time really works.”

The suite of smaller scale raindrop paintings expands Bodycomb’s visual interest in time. The raindrops in the foreground of the painting offer a simultaneous experience of motion and time in relation to the current and near future. Through these measured meditations, Bodycomb is able to freeze time and consider what Albert Einstein famously described as, "...the distinction between past, present and future [being] only a stubbornly persistent illusion."

Bodycomb was born in Hawaii, but spent her childhood in Southern California, and eventually moved to Texas where she earned an MFA in painting at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth. She has been featured in numerous museum exhibitions, including the Alternative Museum in New York, the Arlington Museum of Art, The Grace Museum, and the L9 Center for the Arts. She is the recipient of the Joan Mitchell Foundation Painters and Sculptors Award (2005), a John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship (2007), and a Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant (2009). She lives and works outside of Yosemite Valley, California.

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