June 27 — August 22, 2015

reversing a thing does not prove its reverse

Reinhold Engberding



Hamburg based sculptor Reinhold Engberding’s work addresses the topics of identity, intimacy, privacy, longing and desire. During a recent Artist Residency at CentralTrak with the University of Texas Dallas, Engberding covered the large exhibition space with images of young men, questioning whether they could possibly be his sons. In the installation, Is That My Son, Engberding used images gathered from an online archive of police mug shots.

For his Conduit exhibition, Engberding channeled memories of his own experience as an altar boy after having been given Dallas high school band uniforms. The uniforms reminded the artist of liturgical garments which led to a process of de-constructing and flatly re-constructing several uniforms into constellations of pattern and ambiguous form. Along with exposed stitching, the garments are embroidered with words from a poem composed by poet and frequent collaborator, Holger B. Nidden-Grien, a fictional character created by the artist in 1996.

Reinhold Engberding studied landscape architecture and Fine Arts in Kassel, Kieland The Hague. He has lived in Hamburg, Germany since 1982.

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