October 19 — November 24, 2008

Stunt'd Like My Daddy

Dr. Fahamu Pecou



Working as a graphic illustrator for various rap and hip-hop acts in Atlanta, Fahamu Pecou became interested in the self-marketing and persona building antics of music and television celebrities. Pecou began an active sticker and T-shirt campaign, “Fahamu Pecou is the Shit” which birthed Pecou's art-star persona and filtered into a series of paintings depicting the artist himself on a number of different highbrow art and culture periodicals such as, Artforum, Esopus, Flash Art and Interview.

His newest body of work, Stunt'd Like My Daddy continues to build on the themes of self-promotion and identity as the "Fahamu Pecou is the Shit" character is literally stripped down, focusing on confronting "the imposition of stereotypes on the black male in the media, art and society (Lil’ Wayne’s - Stuntin’ Like My Dad) in order to rethink black male responsibility - to look beyond the media when trying to define one's self and to embrace individuality as a means of strengthening and building healthy black familes, communities and culture."

Fahamu Pecou is currently included in two museum exhibitions:
I Am a Man - curated by Kevin Powell at the MOCADA, Brooklyn, NY
through January 18, 2009.

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