February 18 — March 24, 2012

Taos (Taos Thrift Shop)

Ludwig Schwarz



I don't know a thing or two about Taos.

Nonetheless, welcome to Taos Thrift Shop, currently open 24/7 from this day until the end of time! It's true, our store hours are eternal, or better yet, our shop hours! Though we'll have a satellite location at Conduit Gallery from February 18 - March 24, 2012 please do know that Taos thrift shop is everywhere and always has been, right before your eyes. No need for effort or burning up those precious fossil fuels as you're already there. But do come anyway and see your friends, enemies, and others. Things, once again, will be rearranged. Our subtlety can only be matched by your indifference so effort is the least of our problems. Forward the name of your bank to Helmutisch-House@yannni.com. Tuesday is Nature/Culture Day, where nature and culture meet under on big roof. 10% off all items in house! Donations are always welcome at Taos Thrift Shop, and they're all tax deductible. We are no longer accepting recipes or conspiracy theories. Drop off hours vary, so call ahead. Our new cashier looks almost like Tim Robbins, or even better, almost looks like Tim Robbins. It's a hoot and a half. We always have a full stock of more than you need and less than you want. Really, you're already there so relax and enjoy Taos Thrift Shop; it's your shop and always has been, so feel free. Thank you for recommending the above inquiry and please email our constituents at frloortopoll@frloortopoll.gib. Deep tissue massage yesterday only at Taos Thrift shop. Allow yourself to float and take no responsibility except for being. Allow yourself to float and take no responsibility except being. Float hopes. Taos Thrift Shop has been recommended by several leading doctors as the best place. Allow yourself to float. Things are just in your way. Heal yourself in our new vintage shirt aisle. We now have more than one rat. For today's scores from your favorite teams send us your social security number at info@conduitgallery.com. Our representatives are eager and waiting. Allow yourself to float. First Saturday 99 cent glassware, both eye and drinking. Enjoy and share the info with your friends.

Disclaimer: The above has little or nothing to do with the exhibition so if necessary please email me directly at zabol186@gomel.org and forward your bank account number. Discretion will be to offer this to non and only for the aid of and your potential fortune with no risk. You are helping.

Kindest Regards,

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