July 14 — September 1, 2018


Matt Clark & Jackson Echols



Conduit Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of work by Dallas-based collaborative duo Matt Clark and Jackson Echols.

In their three year collaboration Clark and Echols have honed their working relationship into a controlled alchemy resulting in Telos: Greek n. purpose, intent or goal. In the Aristotelian sense, the inherent purpose or ultimate reason for each thing being the way it is. Beginning with unexposed photosensitive paper, paint is applied in abstract form inspired by a sense of place, a remembered landscape, an underwater scene. Organic materials (leaves, charcoal, onions) are added in response to the painted imagery and the photo paper is exposed in direct sunlight. The resulting large scale works are a balance of chance and intention, images possessing both photographic and painterly elements that leave hints to their creation and shared interest in nature, place and process.

Dallas based Matt Clark earned an MFA in Painting form Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan in 2002. He went on to live in London and Los Angeles before relocating to Dallas in 2009. He is a lecturer in drawing and entrepreneurship at the University of Texas at Arlington and has been represented by Conduit Gallery since 2006.

Jackson Echols is a photographer and image-maker originally from Birmingham, Alabama now based in Arlington, Texas. Jackson graduated with is MFA in Studio Intermedia from the University of Texas at Arlington in 2014.

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