February 23 — March 30, 2013

Tepe Quetzalandia

Roberto Munguia



TepeQuetzalandia, translated from the Aztec is Tepe “mountain” and Quetzal "plumed." "The plumed mountain” or “volcano” serves as the metaphorical inspiration for the works produced by Munguia in the past 18 months and is also the name for Munguia’s Dallas studio. The works include a wide range of materials including paintings in both oil and encaustic, monotype and ink jet prints and porcelain sculpture.

Munguia’s approach to these various media is influenced by the Aztec philosophy of “Nepantla” a metaphysical "striding through the middle" between opposite forces. In Munguia’s process, this balance is between the self-determined order of a formalistic approach to the materials and the prospect of new discoveries through magical chance. Through his production, Munguia skates the razor's edge of the creative impulse, searching for moments in the work of joyous realization.

Since 1974, Munguia has shown his work in over 100 professional exhibitions including The Contemporary Art Museum in Houston; The Alternative Museum, New York; The Mexican Museum, San Francisco; and Laguna Gloria Art Museum in Austin. His work is included in numerous public and private collections such as The Mexican Museum in San Francisco, Texas Instruments, Home Box Office, TWA, A.H Belo Corporation, and Citicorp. Roberto Munguia currently resides in Dallas, and teaches Art at Cistercian Preparatory School.

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