September 9 — October 14, 2017

The Gathering

Jackson Echols



Conduit Gallery is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of work by Arlington, TX based artist, Jackson Echols. Echols large scale photographic works in The Gathering are the result of the artist’s exploration of alternative photographic processes, intersecting and capturing views of the natural world.

“My attempt is to photograph the essence of nature, the hidden manifestations of life, through chemical and physical interaction with sensitized emulsions. I “plant” an unexposed piece of chromogenic paper into an environment and allow the environment to interact with it. With exposures lasting days to weeks, each image contains a conglomeration of effects, such as weathering, erosion, acidity, and temperature change. Upon its “harvest,” each piece is processed, dried and set aside for selection. I think of myself as a director. I set the stage for an interaction to occur and hope each piece will form a cohesive “picture” of its growth and change. Whereas I began this project with the mindset of a non-interventionist, I have begun to take a more active hand in each piece’s creation. The Gathering is my first exhibition of the results, created with items found in any supermarket’s produce aisle. Over time, I have resisted the temptation to methodically catalogue the various effects each chemical creates on the emulsion, and therefore figure out a “palette” from which to choose. To do so would ruin the surprise inherent in each piece’s maturation at its processing phase.”

Jackson Echols earned an MFA in Studio Intermedia from the University of Texas at Arlington in 2014 and a BFA with a concentration in Photography from the University of Alabama, Birmingham in 2011.

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