February 19 — March 26, 2011

The Halo and The Humbug

Jacobine Van Der Meer



Born and raised in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Jacobine Van Der Meer now splits her time between Los Angeles, California and Landers, California, which is close to the 29 Palms Marine Base and training facility. Her physical proximity to 29 Palms and our collective proximity and current engagement in war are the starting point for Van Der Meer’s mixed media sculptures.

The heads of soldiers wounded during the First World War have been fabricated from mixed media, sculpted in wax and cast by the artist in metal and resin and incorporated into embroidered patches evocative of medals used to honor and distinguish military combatants.

The sculpted faces are sourced from the photographic series ‘The Face of War’ originally published in Ernst Friedrich’s 1924 book ‘War Against War.’

This will be Van Der Meer’s first exhibition in Texas. She has a background in special effects, makeup artistry and sculpture for the film industry as well as sculpture for art manufacturing.

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