September 11 — October 9, 2010

This Spanish Ounce of Gold

Justin Quinn



Since 1998, Justin Quinn has been exploring ideas of visual and perceptual space through the use of letterforms, in particular the letter “E.” Using Herman Melville’s 1851 novel Moby Dick as source material for large and small scale prints, collages and drawings, “E” becomes a surrogate for all letters in the alphabet, denying written words their use as legible signifiers, allowing Quinn to use his “parallel language” to become a basis for visual manufacture.

Justin Quinn earned his Master of Fine Arts degree in Printmaking, a Master of Art in Art History and a Graduate Book Certificate in 2000 from the University of Iowa. Exhibitions since 2005 include; Andrea Rosen Gallery, NY, NY; Frieze Art Fair (with Andrea Rosen Gallery) London, England; The Jagiellonian Library, Krakow, Poland; The International Print Triennial, Vienna, Austria and The American University of Cairo, Cairo, Egypt. Justin Quinn lives and works in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

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