May 22 — July 3, 2021


Marco Querin



Conduit Gallery is pleased to present Undoing, Marco Querin’s second solo exhibition with the gallery.

As a recent immigrant to the US from Italy, Querin has found himself in a life of constant change and adaptation. As an artist, he has long been intrigued by actions that can be controlled in the face of unpredictability. This control is manifest in the fragility, tension, elasticity, and equilibrium of his fiber‐based creations. Through very precise execution, Querin brings strands of wool, alpaca, cotton and synthetic fibers to life and tells a story that has a clear beginning and end.

Says Querin, “This show is about the intentional destruction of thoughts that don’t serve me and the simultaneous embrace of the ones that do.”

Marco Querin is a self-taught artist born in Milan, Italy in 1978. He currently lives and work s in Indianapolis, IN. Recent exhibitions include: Gallery 924, Arts Council of Indianapolis (2019); Axis Architecture, iMOCA Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art, Indianapolis (2018); Time Vault, Conduit Gallery (2018); The Future Past, Art+Space, Central State Hospital, Indianapolis, IN, curated by Anne Surak (2016); There is a child in me!, Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art, Indianapolis, IN (2016); Ichinen, Kuaba Gallery, Indianapolis, IN (2015); The Masks We Wear, Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, London, UK (2013); Italian Artists in Monte Carlo, East Wing X, Courtauld Institute of Art, London, UK (2012); Kunstart 12, Bolzano, Italy (2012); The Colors of Women, Associazione Culturale Seragiotto ‐ Padua, Italy (2011); India Art Summit, Stark Projects, New Delhi (2011).

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