September 12 — October 10, 2009


Dan Dan McPharlin, Matthew Whitenack



Dan McPharlin

The Conduit Gallery Project Room will exhibit several small-scale sculptures by Australian artist Dan McPharlin. McPharlin is a multi-media artist and designer, working in sound art, illustration and sculpture. His tiny models of imagined analog synthesizers are meticulously crafted and lend a visual nod to his interest in early modernism, science fiction and retro-futurism.

Matthew Whitenack

I'm at My Best When I'm Alone: Evidence of Math and Magic

"...a well built sunstantial (approximately 10 foot) cube. It is in some respects, a gallery within a gallery. The cube is open on one side with stair steps leading the way in. The whole reads as a piece of theater. With the help of posted information, one discerns the provenance of the items in the cube. They belong to the figures of influence as does some of the very construction material. But it is the ambiguity and elegance of the installation that provide a scene for our musing on the creative process, an alchemy that is part craft and part magic."
Karen Rexleben Weiner, 2009

Artists in this Exhibition