September 6 — October 4, 2014


Ludwig Schwarz



WALKINCLOSET (The Game) was invented by Joaquin Klose on the eve of allegedly abandoning his family, depending on one’s interpretation of this excerpt from the letter found the following morning by his wife Lynne Ann, “… and so, at this time I have decided to take my life… elsewhere, and it pains me to write this, as I suspect I may have what the medical field commonly refers to as carpal tunnel syndrome.”

Many myths surround the game and its inventor, Mr. Klose, a leading man and the son of a decorated pawnbroker. In his youth he suffered from depression, by his late teens, regression, and by the time he met his wife Lynne Ann, affection. It should be noted that as a man of little means and a fan of Little Feet, he was quite comfortable in his own shoes. As for WALKINCLOSET, most believed (and to this day still maintain the belief) that the game, basically a set of instructions to be passed on via word of mouth, was never intended to be reproduced and/or marketed. Others claim WALKINCLOSET was left to Hal, not necessarily the wisest of Mr. Klose’s four sons, with the hope of furthering his entrepreneurial promise.

Though Hal made the game readily available on the internet as early as 2000 it took several years before it was discovered. The original listing was removed in 2004 due to lack of payment, though no lack of charm, and it was by pure luck that one Johnny Powerkord happened upon it through the search “games people play in the middle of the evening and in the middle of the night” which confirms this observer’s belief that there is indeed the possibility for magic on the mountaintop.

The game is now considered a “small masterpiece” in the somewhat obscure instructional gaming underworld, and that it was disseminated due to the fortuitous midnight surfing of an out of work and out of his mind guitarist only adds to its legend. Long overdue attribution for the game was given to Mr. Klose online in 2012, met by many with a collective sigh. The whereabouts of Joaquin Klose are still unknown, and Hal Klose, now a successful orthodontist and father of three residing in Beverly Hills, readily admits to being proud of his father’s accomplishment and to having played the game on numerous occasions himself.


How to play:

Find a space and claim it.*

Call it WALKINCLOSET and do whatever you want.

Invite people to participate if you so desire.

Tell others about it.

*If the space belongs to someone else you may ask for their permission or simply play the game in your head.


“I loved it. I was able to do so many things and my imagination ran wild. Our closets at home are sooooo small so the game was extra special.”

“I had a blast playing WALKINCLOSET. It was kind of strange but once I got the hang of it was easy and a lot of fun… was originally going to give it 5 stars but had to take off a star because one of the guys playing with us was kind of rude.”

“Cool game if you have a few minutes to kill. Personally, I prefer golf.”

“We already had a walk-in closet but decided to play anyway. It was an enjoyable and unique experience. When we got home we went into our walk-in closet and looked at it in a whole new way. We didn’t change or rearrange anything, but knew we could. Refreshing. Highly recommend, a very good game.”

Ludwig Schwarz completed his MFA at the Schoolof Visual Arts New York and returned to Dallas, where he has continued to exhibit both locally and nationally. Recent exhibitions include; Ludwig Schwarz: Retrospective (1990–2014), Dallas Biennial, Oliver Francis Gallery, Dallas, TX; Meet the Schwarzes, NADA NY with James Cope Projects; the 2012 and 2010 Brucennial, NY; Galerie Carolyn Heinz, Hamburg, Germany (2011); Leo Castelli Gallery, NY (2011); Re-Seeing the Contemporary: Selected from the Collection, Dallas Museum of Art (2010); The Rose Art Museum of Brandeis University, Walthum, MA (2008) and Road Agent Gallery, Dallas, TX (2007). In an April 2014 feature about Schwarz, Dallas Morning News art critic Rick Brettell wrote of the artist, “I am surer than ever that Schwarz is a major artist. Indeed, he is quite possibly the most important painter who has lived in our city in the last generation…”

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