July 9 — August 31, 2011


Jill Foley, James Michael Starr, James Sullivan, Jeff Gibbons, Heyd Fontenot, Lance Letscher



Encompassing both exhibition spaces at Conduit Gallery, Wunderkammer is a group exhibition curated by Phillip March Jones (Institute 183, Lexington, KY) that pairs eleven artists from the Lexington, Kentucky art community with seven Dallas artists to create a modern-day Wunderkammer or "Cabinet of Curiosities."

About Wunderkammers: The original Wunderkabinett “cabinet of curiosities” or Wunderkammer “chamber of curiosities” were exhibition spaces which brought together objects whose categorical boundaries were yet to be defined. These spaces were precursors to the modern museum, developed during the Renaissance, for the contemplation and pleasure of the viewer.

About the installation: There will be a series of “Wunderkabinetts” within the gallery –in the form of two or three large collage-cabinets installed in the style of Breton’s Parisian studio - displaying found objects, sculptures, photographs, paintings, drawings, and books. The cabinets function as a collaborative installation amongst the artists.


Steve Armstrong
Robert Beatty
Bruce Burris
C.J. Davis
Gabriel Dawe
Jill Foley
Heyd Fontenot
Marvin Francis
Jeff Gibbons
Mike Goodlett
Hannah Hudson
Phillip Lambert
Stephen Lathisophon
Lance Letscher
Guy Mendes
Robert Morgan
James Sullivan
Turner & Guyon
James Michael Starr
Robert Tharsing
Mare Vaccaro

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