May 25 — July 13, 2019


Billy Hassell



Conduit Gallery is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of work by Fort Worth-based artist, Billy Hassell.

Billy Hassell is known for painting and printing multi-hued natural wonders of the American Southwest; his language to speak to the earth’s vitality. These images, on canvas and paper, capture the regional wildlife of his native Texas, and beyond. His passion for preserving the beautiful scenes of the outdoor world extend to conservation, donating artworks to organizations like The Nature Conservancy, Ocean Conservation, and Audubon Texas, for use in fundraising efforts.

Threshold is a continuation of Hassell’s preoccupation with birds as a motif, which he has moved into as a statement on climate change, almost in the face of climate denialism. The controversy, whether human beings are affecting the climate, or how much, is what the body of work alludes to by showing us the glory of what it has given us to begin with. Not necessarily an overt political action, the paintings are evocative depictions of earth’s natural wonders, rendered beautifully by the artist. An invocation to consider what this beauty is, and whether we consider it to be in danger or not. Many of Hassell’s subjects are migratory pollinators native to Texas. Some paintings have reduced pallets, to suggest that color is being lost as we progress into our age of human intervention.

8 color lithographs Animals on Plains will also be on view, along with several oil paintings. The color lithographs are re-editioned (20) from an earlier show, with newly minted color plates to fill in the black and white originals (formerly hand-watercolored). Watercolors will be on view as well.

Fort Worth-based fine artist Billy Hassell, who was recently referred to as “Mother Nature’s Stylist” by The New York Times, has been showing his artwork since the 1980s in galleries across the country. Born 1956 in Dallas, Hassell received a BFA from the University of Notre Dame, and an MFA from University of Massachusetts, Amherst. His works can be found in the Menil Collection, Houston; Home Box Office, Dallas; Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; Wichita Falls Museum and Art Center; Modern Art Museum, Fort Worth; Dallas Museum of Art; Texas Instruments, Dallas; Frito-Lay Inc., Plano; and Methodist Medical Center, Dallas. His works hang in many other public art collections including a U.S. Embassy, the University of Texas, the offices of HBO, and the George W. Bush Presidential Center.

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