January 8 — February 12, 2022

Until the Sun Rises

Matt Clark



Conduit Gallery is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of new work by Dallas-based artist Matt Clark.

Matt Clark's paintings are luminous, deep color fields painted in several layers, often over several years. The variables (compression, paint opacity, color, and surface effects) combine the moment of the process and the exploration of the material. Clark's work speaks of application and erasure, movement and stillness, and the intentional and the accidental. The tension between the painted surface and the illusion it has created mimics a suspension of time. A history is built by the application of paint in layers; enabling one to enter the pictorial spaces and move between its depths. The painting, like a photograph, captures an otherwise fleeting instant of time in both Clark's pursuit and our perceptual experience.

In addition to paintings, Clark will present his third collaborative series, The Space Between.

In the summer of 2019, Clark partnered with photographer William Greiner to document the lush and barren beauty of the New Mexican landscape. Greiner’s photographs are printed on a thick matte paper stock to which Clark applies acrylic paint altering and imbuing another dimensionality to the image.

Matt Clark is a Dallas-based artist and Assistant Professor of Practice at University of Texas, Arlington. He has had a creative practice for over two decades. He received his BA in Art History in 1995 from Arizona State University and an MFA in 2002 from Cranbrook University. His work is included in over 20 international corporate collections and has been exhibited throughout the US since 2002. A passionate educator, he focuses on arts entrepreneurship and employing entrepreneurial thinking and strategy to help students achieve their potential. His most recent solo show was at LHUCA, Lubbock, TX.

William Greiner (Born 1957, New Orleans LA), is an artist residing in Santa Fe NM. Greiner holds BFA degrees from Tufts University/School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston and an MBA from Suffolk University, Boston, MA. He is the recipient of a Louisiana Endowment for the Arts fellowship in 2004. Greiner’s work can be found in more than 60 public art collections, including The Museum of Modern Art NY, The Art Institute of Chicago , The J. Paul Getty Museum and The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Greiner has had two monographs published, The Reposed (1999) and Show & Tell (2014). Since 2014, Greiner has expanded his practice beyond photography to include painting, collage, sculpture and print making. Recently, he has focused on multi disciplinary projects, portraiture and collaborations.

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