January 12 — February 16, 2019

Where the Earth Meets the Sky

Soomin Jung



Conduit Gallery is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of work by San Antonio-based artist, Soomin Jung.

“The formation of lakes, caverns and canyons created by nature’s forces are breathtakingly beautiful and wondrous, and the sky seen through the formation or reflected on the surface trigger my thoughts on dimension. Am I looking at the sky, or am I looking up on the surface of water from below. What is under the surface, above the surface, and on the surface? In this series, my intention is to celebrate the water, wind and light, the three most fundamental elements in creating the magnificent landscapes, by capturing the strange and mysterious places that tickle our imagination such as volcanic lakes, skies seen through caverns and canyons carved by water and wind: the places where the earth meets the sky and leaves us in awe.” – Soomin Jung, 2018

Born in South Korea, Soomin Jung relocated to San Antonio, Texas in 2002 to study at the University of Texas San Antonio where she earned a B.F.A. and an M.F.A. in Studio Art and Art History. Since graduating in 2008, Jung has used colored pencil and graphite to create landscape drawings that explore perception and perspective specifically as it pertains to location, memory, and reproduction.

Jung’s drawings focus on the mystery, wonder and even fear we have for the magnificence of natural formations. Caverns, lakes and canyons are special places. So many are long imbued with myth and legend. While some locations are rendered as is with a little twist in lighting and color, others are collaged together and manipulated to create a brand-new place that doesn’t exist. Locations include: White Deer Lake, Jeju Island, South Korea; Maroon Bells, Colorado; Crater Lake, Oregon; Viti Thermal Lake/Viti Crater, Iceland; Glattalp Lake, Switzerland.

This is Soomin Jung’s second exhibition at Conduit Gallery. Jung currently resides in San Antonio where she creates work and is a drawing instructor at UTSA. Her recent exhibitions include: Faculty Exhibition, Texas State University, San Marcos (2018); Colored Pencil Society of America 26th International Exhibition, Bridgeport Art Center, Chicago (2018) – won Best of Show; Gabuki Pop, Southwest School of Art, San Antonio, TX (2017); Collection 492, Stephen F. Austin University, Nacogdoches, TX (2017).

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