June 27 — August 22, 2015

From the Studio

Mary Ellen Lacy



Curated by Nancy Whitenack, From the Studio presents a series of abstract and figure drawings by Dallas based artist and dancer, Mary Ellen Lacy. The title was chosen by Lacy to reflect her commitment to her practice: in the art studio as well as in the dance studio.

Adding layers of marks on multiple surfaces and transparencies, Lacy uses graphite, ink, and charcoal. Though she sometimes pushes past the model’s pose, Lacy’s figurative work is drawn from the model. As a dancer, Mary Ellen Lacy has a deep kinesthetic understanding of the body in space. Through her drawings, she explores the physicality of the body, the gestural quality and how to combine the two. This has lead Lacy to develop a personal “mark vocabulary.” Intuitively layering her marks, Lacy creates a rhythm relating to the flow of dance.

Mary Ellen Lacy earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from Stephens College in Columbia, MO. Lacy then earned a Masters in Fine Arts in Art and Technology from the University of Texas at Dallas where she is currently a lecturer in Studio Art. In her performance of American Style Ballroom Dancing embellished with Lifts, Mary Ellen Lacy was the United States Theater Arts Champion for three consecutive years.

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