June 27 — August 22, 2015


Matt Clark & Jackson Echols



Mimesis is the title chosen for the collaborative work created by Matt Clark and Jackson Echols begun during the summer of 2014. Combining Clark’s abstract painting methods with Jackson's elementograph process, Mimesis has opened up a new mixed media frontier for the two artists. Mimesis, an imitation of nature, describes both the process by which the artists worked through the series and the end result, large scale two-dimensional works that appear layered and textural. Beginning with photo-sensitive paper, the artists add photo chemicals and various organic materials (dirt, ash, wood chips) to the surface and develop the print outdoors for several days. Once developed, paint media then is pulled across the developed surface. Largely derived by chance and due to the nature of the process, the artists have continuously experimented with the technique to sublime effect.

Dallas based Matt Clark earned an M.F.A. in Painting from Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan in 2002. He then lived in London, Englandand Los Angeles, California before relocating to Dallas in 2009. He is a lecturer in drawing and entrepreneurship at the University of Texas at Arlington.

Jackson Echols is a photographer and image-maker originally from Birmingham, Alabama, based in Arlington, Texas.J ackson graduated with his Master of Fine Arts in Studio Intermedia from the University of Texas at Arlington in 2014. Jackson is currently an employee of the University of Texas at Arlington.

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